my Cyprus, my Κύπρος, my Kıbrıs



It has been exactly a year since I began writing this blog: My Cyprus, my Κύπρος, my Kıbrıs. It has taken many shapes, tackling issues that are not only close to my heart, but I believe close to everyone’s hearts.

It has been a means through which I have asked questions not only relevant to me but relevant to Cypriot society and culture as a whole, doing so through stories about my own life both in Potamia and Nicosia, other people’s, as well as commentaries of certain topical events.

My aim was always to inspire others to think about and question Cypriot identity; their own identity.

When I began this blog, my worst fear was not having enough to say or perhaps not writing about topics that would be interesting enough. Well it turned out that some topics are interesting and engaging and some less so! I have to admit that I’m always surprised by which posts get the most hits, with some of the more popular ones being these: ‘Why don’t yout tell people you’re Turkish Cypriot’?, Potamia, The end of the village and My Mother’s story.

As I cannot dedicate myself to the blog full time, my Cyprus, my Κύπρος, my Kıbrıs grows organically. The blog posts are written in English, however most of them have been translated to Greek, thanks to some great friends who have helped in the editing process. Turkish is next! And if there’s anyone that might like to volunteer for this, I would be incredibly grateful.

There is always more to come though! More to say and more to write, so please just be patient with me.

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