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Ask us anything: NGO Support Centre and YEU Cyprus open their doors


The dynamic teams of two of the island’s NGOs – NGO Support Centre and YEU Cyprus – recently opened their doors to the public, inviting them to come on down to their office in Nicosia to find out all about their fascinating work as well as how to get involved in their activities.

“It’s an open day so we’ve opened our office to the public with YEU Cyprus, so people can find out what we do and get involved,” said NGO Support Centre’s project administrator, Marilena Kyriakou, adding that the organisation has a variety of manuals and policy papers available to the public.

The open day is part of the Open Door Festival, running from September 23 to October 24 with the support of Civic Space and the Festival Organisation Committee.

“We felt that carrying out the open day during the Open Door Festival was a very good idea, and a good chance for someone to become aware of the work of the NGO Support Centre,” said Kyriakou.

Meanwhile, YEU Cyprus’ international project officer, Ioanna Athinodorou reiterated a similar sentiment, saying: “We’re doing it as we want to involve people – people who don’t know about us but who want to and also those that want to be involved in civil societies.”

“Our activities are aimed at young people, up to age 35, but sometimes we do have people over the age of 35,” said Athinodorou.

YEU Cyprus (Youth for Exchange and Understanding Cyprus) is a non-political, non-governmental organisation, which aims to foster closer co-operation and better understanding among the young people of the world through the exchange of information, experiences and ideas. YEU Cyprus is one of the biggest youth organisations in Cyprus, numbering over 1,000 members.

Find out more about YEU Cyprus here: and on Facebook

The NGO Support Centre is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit organisation dedicated to the development and strengthening of civil society in Cyprus. Some of the Centre’s work involves the implementation of projects and activities in the fields of active citizenship and participation, development education, peace and reconciliation. The Centre is also involved in a number of projects with one of the more well-known ones being Stories of Europe which seeks to collect and share, through its social media accounts and pages, the stories of citizens, residents and visitors of Cyprus. These stories, accompanied by a picture or a video, present an experience, their views or day to day life focusing on themes such as studying in an EU country, travelling and Cyprus through foreign eyes.

Find out more about the NGO Support Centre here: and on Facebook


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