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A theory of evolution


Evolution is defined as ‘the gradual development of something’. It is inherently inevitable; unstoppable. We must grow and we must develop as individuals and as a people. It might take a while though.

According to President Nicos Anastasiades, in a recent address to parliament, under the solution being envisaged, the Republic of Cyprus would evolve into a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation.

Meanwhile, AKEL chief Andros Kyprianou made similar statements recently in response to comments coming from Turkey. Kyprianou commented that AKEL would also not accept a solution that was not based on the ‘evolution of the Republic’ into a federal state as opposed to the ‘virgin birth’, the latter, which based on the Turkish side’s view, would be two communities coming together in a federation, effectively ‘dissolving’ the Republic of Cyprus, according to opponents.

This is simply the next step in the evolution of Cyprus and in its democracy. In any case, since the early 1960s (after the 15 Turkish Cypriot MPs walked out of parliament) the constitution has not been functioning as it should, with the law of necessity being evoked in order for the House to amend the constitution. In the current state of the Republic, Turkish Cypriots were not even allowed to vote until 2004, after journalist and political activist Ibrahim Aziz took the Republic of Cyprus to the European Court of Human Rights in the case, Aziz vs Cyprus.

Thus the Republic has not been functioning as it should but a new and improved version – which is what this could be under the right circumstances – would give us, its citizens so much more. However it must include all citizens and all communities.

During his address to parliament, Anastasiades also stressed that all Cypriots are duty-bound to work towards a solution of the Cyprus problem if they wish to ensure a safe and secure future.

Socrates said: “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” (Το μυστικό της αλλαγής είναι να επικεντρώνεις όλη σου την ενέργεια, όχι στο να μάχεσαι το παλιό, αλλά στο να οικοδομείς το καινούργιο).

We can no longer absolve ourselves from responsibility, and especially the younger generations. We were lucky enough not to live through the pain and trauma of a real war. In order to build – or evolve – a new Cyprus, all we can do is let go of the past and focus on the newer, much fresher prospects ahead of us.

Am I the only one dreaming of our trilingual children of the future ready to invest their – much lighter – hearts and souls into the creation of a better country? Am I the only one dreaming of walking the fields around Potamia, without fear of accidentally wondering into an area that I shouldn’t have?


 *News taken from the Cyprus Mail

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