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Made in Cyprus

We’re ready! (graffiti written in the Turkish Cypriot dialect)

Dear friends,

If you thought that social media was lacking in content on the Cyprus issue/reunification and promoting a true Cyprus identity, you are very much mistaken. It is absolutely brimming with both educational and laugh-out-loud Cyprus-made content on topics from the Cypriot dialects (both Greek and Turkish), to concise and original ways to inform on the Cyprus issue.

Here are some of my favourites from Instagram (click on the name of the profile to go straight to it):

Pissed off Cypriot.
Trying to help people understand Cypriot perspective with memes.
It’s just a joke bruh…Don’t get offended just laugh

We revive the common aspects of people in Cyprus. This action is supported under the Grow Civic Programme funded by the European Union.

Inspired by @dudewithsign
I’m @chrisrotsakis 🇨🇾

Kıbrıs Lehçesini ve kültürünü devam ettirmek, eğlenceli bir şekilde günlük hayatınıza renk katmak için varız!
We exist to ensure the continuation of the Cypriot dialect and culture, and in a fun way we bring colour to your everyday life! (translation provided by me)

Εξερευνήστε μαζί μας τις λέξεις και την κουλτούρα της Κύπρου! / Kıbrıs kelimelerini ve kültürünü bizimle keşfedin!
DM us for suggestions!
(EN: Let’s discover Cyprus’ culture and words together)

Είσαι ένας κκελλετζής! Εξήγα το τουτο σε ενα “ξενικό” και δώστου να καταλάβει οτι εν εννοείς οτι εν μεγάλη η τζεφαλή του.
You’re thick-headed! Explain that to a foreigner and get them to understand that you don’t mean that their head is big. (translation provided be me)


🕊We dream peace in Cyprus.
🕊We are building peace in Cyprus.

Μάθε την κυπριακή διάλεκτο/κουλτούρα με χιουμοριστικόυς τρόπους.
Learn the Cypriot dialect/culture in a humorous way. (translation provided by me)

One island, one people, one culture. Cypriots are Cypriots and we will always be stronger together. We are the only ones that can make a difference🇨🇾

Cypriot phrases in English


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