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Singing for peace and reunification of our island

Credit: Charles Weare

Dear friends,

When it feels like we’re at the door to partition, actions such as these become a necessity.

On Thursday at 11am, the multicommunal choir (that I also happen to be a member of) Kıbrıs Havaları Derneği/Cyprus Songs Association/Κυπριακός Σύνδεσμος Τραγουδιού performed a number of traditional Cyprus songs at Paphos Gate, in Nicosia.

We will be performing again this Saturday at 5pm (same place!).

A few Greek Cypriot members gathered on one side, and some Turkish Cypriot members on the other side of the divided walls.

Our choir hasn’t met for a rehearsal in just over one year since the outbreak of the coronavirus on the island, in March 2020. We are very much missing each other!

Check out the video here, as part of the Cyprus Mail article:

If you’d like to read about the event in Greek and Turkish have a look below:

2 thoughts on “Singing for peace and reunification of our island

  1. Alkis Sarris

    Dear Natalie, thank you for posting this Cyprus Songs Association moving action against partition!
    Though sad having to sing across barbed wire it is also hopeful showing that when Cypriots from both sides of the divide really put theirs minds together to achieve a beautiful bi-communal action sharing love and companionship they find ingenious ways to succeed 🙂

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